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Serving Central, KS

Including, but not exclusivley in

Lyons, KS- Sterling, KS-Little River, KS-Chase,KS- Geneseo, KS-Bushton,KS-  Raymond, KS and points beyond.



To better serve both Buyers’ and Sellers, we offer on-line, combination online/live auctions as well as traditional on-site auctions




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On-Line Bidding information & Tips
SOFT CLOSE: If there are 2 or more active bidders at time of closing, system automatically keeps adding additional 5 minutes for that particular item till down to 1 bidder
USE MAXIMUM BIDDING OPTION: You are the only one who sees your max. bid and you will not have to be watching every second nor worry cannot get bid submitted in time.
 The maximum bid is only realized when other bidders bid to push your bid so you still will get the bid for that item as cheap as you can.


  • Experienced professionals that have been conducting auctions and selling real estate for 40 plus years
  • Not only experience staff, but a company that has extensive knowledge in value of product selling
  • People of integrity and are upfront with you every step of the way
  • We use up-to-date technology to advertise, conduct business and sell both personal property and real estate
  • Seller receives complete breakdown of personal property sold and to whom sold

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Miller Auction 006


SATURDAY September 22,2018

10:00 a.m.

MR. & MRS. AL MILLER-owner

2040 AVE N-Lyons, KS


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Stroh’s Real Estate & Auction, LLC